Rally report : August Rally report from new Member!

I was fortunate enough to get my membership in quick smart the minute i heard from Jules our secretary that our August Rally with Viv Axton was on! Not put off by the terrible weather reports, i dropped the kids off early and returned home to hitch up my newly aquired trailer and set off for the park

I couldnt believe when i arrived how friendly everyone was! I was nervous as it was only my second time off the property on my own with Benson ( NP Landslide ) but thankfully parking was a breeze, i was welcomed by everyone and made to feel at home

– New Member Mel

I must admit, i was pretty nervous as i had only just moved a few weeks earlier to our own property and got my float, and this was only the second time we had left the property – thankfully the traffic through eltham wasnt too bad, as we had plumped for the later lesson, as it gave me time to drop the children at childcare. I was so grateful that there was flexibility around the little ones! There was plenty of room to park, and once welcomed and had a chat with the treasurer and paying our rally fee, we tacked up to warm up. There were quite a few spectators in the form of walkers useing the walking track but they were quiet and respectful, and i gave a few friendly waves to the kids that had stopped to watch – its also very good education for Benson to not use people as a reason to spook or otherwise be distracted!

I was worried as how Benson would react as he is a sensitive sort that ‘ seems fine ‘ until he is not and can be prone to big explosions when his cup overflows, but he did keep his worry to a simmer and soon relaxed. We were in a lesson of just two of us, do i felt that i got a lot out of it ; Viv seemed to be able to pick up and improve on our weaknesses and give good tips and advice on how to correct Bensons way of going. The work was very varied, and included quite a lot of canter work, laterals and of course walk and relaxation. Even though this was a flatwork lesson, i feel that any rider could have used some of the exercises we worked on, for example, paces within a pace. I hope to jump soon, so i will be adding these exercises to help shorted and lengthen Benson in the canter and the trot.

To cool off i suggested to Phoebe, my lesson partner for a short hack around the grounds, we had a bit of an explore and a good chinwag, with a view to meeting up later on in the week for a trail ride – sadly we have been locked down AGAIN! so that is on ice for now but i am definitely looking forward to our next rally and that hack with Pheobe and Bessie!

— Mel and Benson

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