Our Grounds

Our Home Grounds are located within Eltham Lower Park and we have been here since the 1970s. We share these grounds with the Eltham District Horse and Pony Club. We are nestled in a gorgeous spot at the rear of the park, right by the Yarra River and we connect directly to the Diamond Creek Trail which is currently being extended, and when it is finished you can follow the trail all the way to Hurstbridge. Our grounds really are the ‘ hidden gem ‘ of Nillumbik!

Within the Park we have access to a large circular Manege, complete with raised viewing area, which can accomodate up to 4 dressage arenas, a storage area complete with showjumps, and 2 Cross Country areas with approximately 30 jumps, ranging from 50cm to 1m , contained within mostly flat undulating land, making it very forgiving and easy to ride.

We have a good range of jumps, including rolltops, trakehners, pheasant feeders, ditches, banks, logs, water and corners. There really is something for everyone here! Because of the amount and variance of the jumps, we are able to operate a small XC course.

Parking on rally days is on flat ground close the the manege, on busier days and weekends you may well be asked to park a little further away, this is for your safety and for the safety of other park users.

The Park is not only shared by the Pony Club, but also the Diamond Valley Railway and the Cricket and Lacrosse Clubs, not to mention Locals and those from further away who want to come and visit our famous park and reconnect with nature – please be aware not all visitors will be ‘ horse aware ‘ so please treat all park users with the respect you would like to be afforded. Many other Park users are delighted to see the horses, and if you need to get your horse used to spectators then this could be a great place to be as the grounds always attract admirers!